For the player just beginning

We offer skills sessions and coach guided game play designed to focus on the core concepts of field hockey through clinics camps and rec league play:

  • proper grip and posture, 
  • ball and stick control, 
  • pulls, 
  • receiving, 
  • passing and trapping. 
  • jabbing and tackling

Progression Skill Building                                                                                                                                                                         We will continue the progression process through multi-seasonal clinics and game play, and seasonal league sessions to include: 

  • positions 
  • rules of the game
  • individual stick skills focusing on proper dribbling
  • dribbling with pulls and pulling for elimination (dodges)
  • introduce offensive and defensive drills, 1 v 1 and 2 v 1's, 
  • hitting on goal

Developmental (continued skills clinics and game play with VBFH programming

For one to two years experience:
  • Evaluation of strength and weaknesses 
  • continued focus on mastery of fundamentals; ball and stick control, dribbling, passing and receiving,  dodges and tackles, footwork and proper posture
  • concentrated focus on offensive and defensive tactics and situational drills 1 v 1, 2 v 1's using fundamental ball and stick skills for dodging, shadowing, tackling
  • Off ball movement-having a vision of the pitch, anticipating plays and reactive skill execution
  • introduce  concepts of being on a team, enjoyment of the game, how to be a good teammate, work ethic, nutrition, time management, and developing a competitive spirit
Club team
  • Individual coach evaluations and selection to area club teams.  Contact Dena for more information on your options in this area.
  • Must have mastery of fundamentals and  concepts of the game which include;  ball skills, off ball movement,  offensive and defensive tactics, and a good work ethic
  • Commitment to practices to further technical knowledge of the game
  • commit to conditioning for excellence and having physical ability to play the game
While playing for a competitive club may not be something you're interested in currently, for example you might play another sport, you can still master the skills necessary to eventually play for your middle or high school teams.  Continued attention to the core concepts, mastering your ball skills, and keeping in physical shape will create success in your future.  VB Field hockey offers many specialty sessions throughout the year for goal keepers, and Middle School and high school students.